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Professional Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Wellness Retreat


Always wanted to follow a yoga teacher training in India?

 Or just simply book a relaxing yoga wellness retreat vacation?

Then you’ve come to the right place!


We are specialized in organizing trips to Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga, where you are able to follow a professional teacher training at our yoga wellness retreat under the guidance of advanced Indian yogi’s with over more than 10 years of experience.

Yet, if you would rather prefer an extremely soothing and serene yoga wellness retreat vacation, then, of course, you also have the option to book one.

We offer several set packages in which you are entirely free to make your own choice!

For more advice or information, please feel free to contact us.

Yoga Teacher Training

As a yoga professional, it is extremely important for you to possess the requisite knowledge and techniques that you will eventually pass on to your own students. Harmony & Health is a specialist in organizing yoga travels in Rishikesh and we would like to invite both beginners and advanced practitioners to follow a course at us.

Especially, Western yoga teachers who pursue the ambition of teaching the art of yoga and its respective techniques, in its purest and ancient practice originating from India, are encouraged to follow these trainings.

Not only does our training course provide you with the authentic knowledge of this tradition, but it also strives to reach maximum spiritual fulfilment for the body, mind and soul in order to improve your health in the long run. In addition, the use of our rare techniques will bring your body and mind into sync with the universe.This will allow you to pass on this ancient tradition and its techniques,which will be brought to you by advanced Indian yogi’s, in its purest form at the end of your spiritual journey.

The highly experienced yoga teachers, guru’s and yogi’s collectively form a tight staff who are all extremely devoted to their field of expertise and will make sure that your yoga teacher training experience at us will be extraordinary and, above all, unforgettable.

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Yoga Wellness Retreat

The practice of yoga is a natural and reliable relaxation technique in order to improve your psychical and mental health in the long run ultimately bringing the body back to rest. In the picturesque Rishikesh, highly located in the mountains of the Indian province of Uttarakhand at the foot of the Himalaya’s, we have established our wellness retreat in the birthplace of yoga.

As a guest, you are able to receive daily yoga courses. Also, our dieticians (doshas) can help you in a holistic way to improve your daily lifestyle.

For both beginners, average and advanced, our yoga wellness retreat has a lot to offer. As an exciting example, the power and energy waves of the saints and sadhu’s (gurus) who meditated in the far distant past can still be felt in the Himalaya’s to this present day(!) The presence of these forces and energies will ensure that your mind and spirit will be provided with a new and refreshing energetic charge.

Last but not least, one should be aware that this resort is fully intermingled with the local nature wherein all human needs are provided with only natural products obtainable from the local area.

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Harmony &  Health

We are a  Dutch company specialized in organizing yoga travels to India.

Welcome to the site ! Welcome to Rishikesh. Harmony & Health will be happy to guide you on your journey to your better self.

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