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Become a certified yoga teacher with our yoga teacher training

Those who want to practise yoga professionally can follow a yoga teacher training course. This training is given by highly skilled Indian teachers with years of international experience. They like to give the old yoga tradition in its authentic and purest form. This Yoga teacher training is a sophisticated combination of different asanas (postures) and increasing the balance and consciousness of man.

Spiritual Environment

The Yoga teacher training takes place in an ashram in the Tapovan region which is located 5 minutes walking distance from the famous Lakshman Jhula bridge over the Ganges. In the spacious and colourful rooms you can relax and in the simple clean bedrooms you can retreat to an instructive day. From the large roof terrace you can experience the beautiful view of the city that is located in a lush green valley More ……

Yoga Teacher Training

There are several types of Yoga teacher training courses that are tailored to beginners, intermediate and advanced:

  • A basic training of 100 This package is intended for those interested who want to start a professional career as a yoga teacher. After this training you will receive a certificate (for 100 hours) that is recognized by the Yoga Alliance USA. With this certificate you have sufficient knowledge to practice yoga on a professional level, however you do not have a teaching.
  • An advanced training of 200 To be able to teach, it is required that you follow this second extensive variation of the Yoga teacher training. Also after this training you will receive a certificate (for 200 hours) that is recognized by the Yoga Alliance USA and you can call yourself an accredited yoga teacher. You will also be free to expand your package to include numbers of 300 or 500 hours.

Yoga classes

In these variants, traditional yoga classes are given in the following styles:

  • Iyanger Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga

During these yoga classes extensive attention is paid to mantra chanting, the chakras, pranayama and meditation. The groups consist of 10 to 14 students

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Extras during Yoga teacher training

For the above mentioned amounts you will not only receive a lesson and a wonderful accommodation, but also many extras such as:

  • Cooking Workshop

    Dinner at an Indian family home allowing you to know the culture from the inside

  • 3 Ayurvedic meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • 2 times a Day tea
  • Products to clean the body from the inside
  • Books
  • A yoga T-shirt
  • A Rudraksha Mala
  • 1 hour Hindi Course
  • Trips to sacred places
  • Attending a Hindu marriage or religious festival (provided one takes place in the season). This way you can make religious festivals all year round.
  • To say goodbye a day tour and overnight in the mountains in tent or resort under the enjoyment of a barbecue and campfire
  • Wi-Fi connection (only in specific areas)

The rooms all include a bathroom with hot water. The prices are all-inclusive.

* The day program varies and depends on weather conditions. The duration of the yoga classes is also variable.

The ingredients of all meals during the stay (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are of biological origin, originating from the high Himalayas and hygienically prepared. In the morning and evening, unlimited herbal teas and mineral water are served.

About the teachers 

Travel without worries

The above amounts cover only the costs of accommodation, teacher training, meals and excursions. Other personal releases such as laundry, drinks, travel and medical insurance and other unforeseen expenses are not included.

Also Airline tickets, insurance And the trip from Delhi Airport to the ashram are not included.

Transportation from Delhi to the ashram including a few nights in Delhi, you can also let us take care of a fully cared for Yoga teacher training. Also check out our additional option.

Please also read our Terms and conditions. 


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