Our Terms and Conditions

Sufficient Participants

The groups for both the Yoga Teacher Training and the Wellness Retreat consist of 10 to 14 people. All trips only apply to sufficient participants who pay half of the travel fee when booking the trip. If the tour guide cancels the trip due to insufficient entries, you will be refunded.

Cancel Yoga Teacher Training or Yoga Wellness Retreat

Up to three or four months before the date of departure, you can cancel your booking free of charge and receive 50% refund of the return fee. If you wish to cancel within two months before the date of departure, you will not be refunded.

In the latter case, you are also allowed to let someone else take your place if this person meets the other half of the travel fee.

Cancel Delhi

It is also an option to let us arrange the entire trip from Delhi airport to the Ashram (Yoga Teacher Training) or the Yoga Wellness Retreat, including some overnight stays in Delhi.

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Access by phone Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm

Monday to Sunday accessible by mail

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