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Safely Travel with Indian Connoisseurs and Yoga Expert

Our Yoga Wellness Retreats and Yoga Teacher Training will provide you with a spiritual experience under the guidance of Gaitrie Bechan, who also organizes trips.

Gaitrie has been in India for several years in Rishikesh Yoga’s Birth State, earned her 200 hours yoga teacher training has warm contacts and knows the People of Rishikesh where the Ashram and the resort are located.

Gaitrie herself was born in Suriname and is of Hindu origin. In 1994,
she made her first spiritual trip to India. She was curious about her roots and wanted to get in touch with them.

Old Rishi’s and Munni’s

The first place she visited was Haridwar / Rishikesh where she began to engage in yoga, meditation and especially the Oriental philosophy.

Rishikesh – the birthplace of yoga – was not a crowded city, but instead a village where old rishi and Munni lived and ordinary people in small huts.br /> In Rishikesh, the rishi’s provided Gaitrie with yoga lessons.Once on site, she felt the love of the inhabitants of Rishikesh, enjoyed the climate and the scenic nature.

As the trip left a marvelous impression, she decided to return for several times a year.

Sharing Wealth

As a wealthy Westerner, Gaitrie wanted to support the less fortunate people in the region.

However this time she decided not to teach herself but to bring groups of tourists to the area who also want to practice the yoga meditation training. In this way, both the local people and the tourist will benefit from each other.

Meanwhile, she continued meditating and in 2014 Gaitrie attained her 200-hour Teacher Training.

Culture Tasting at The Locals

Gaitrie is fluent in several languages. Besides English, German, Spanish and Dutch, she speaks in Hindi as well. Due to her contacts in the region and knowledge of the culture, she can provide participants with Yoga Wellness Retreats and Yoga Teachers Training with an unforgettable experience.

She lets the travelers experience local traditional festivals and allows them to cook and eat at home with Indian families. As she is fluent Hindu, she is able to provide tourists with local services, like public transfers for safe and inexpensive prices.

Gaitrie shares her love for Rishikesh willingly. She believes it is equally important that the participants in Yoga Wellness Retreats and Yoga Teachers Exercises not only experience the Indian Hindu culture but also authentically engage with the respective culture. And therefore might love the region as much as they love themselves.