1Can I also book a flight through Harmony & Health Yoga Retreat
No, we do not provide tickets nor visa you have to take care of that yourself.
2We would like to book with a group of friends, do we get a discount?
Yes please.
3 the stay in India ? Is that all inclusive?
At Yogaretreat yes. At Teachertraining you have to arrange transport from Delhi airport to your accommodation and back or you can book the complete package.
4What exactly does Yoga Retreat mean?
The main purpose of Yoga is to help someone connect with his inner spirit, who is connected to the universal spirit or God. Yoga provides a balance between body and mind and for self- realization. Yoga brings stability in the body and the vacillating mind. Reuniting you soul with God, and coming into contact with the universe.
5Can I skip the 100 hours of teacher training and start immediately with the 200 hours of teacher training? And is this certificate also recognized by the European yoga alliance?
Yes, you can start right away with the 200 hours and the Yoga Alliance USA is worldwide, so the certificate is also valid in Europe. After your course, you will be enrolled in the Yoga Alliance USA by the yoga school where you followed the course. You will also receive a Yoga Alliance certificate from the yoga school, but if you want to continue as a teacher, you need to register with the Yoga Alliance as a yoga teacher and the yoga school helps you in India. However, additional costs for you come from Yoga Alliance USA helps you in India,
6Can I start the yoga program on another date other than the date specified?
Rather not, but you can, you can not just catch up on the beginning
7 Is the tour operator always present during the trips?
At Yoga Retreat she is always there. In Teacher training only with a group of 10 or more persons but you will be guided in India by the contact person of Harmony & Health.